Anyone who knows me knows I LOVE shopping for designer pieces at sale time. The end of the sales are upon us and this is when you will get the best bargains !!

I’ve picked a few of my fave pieces for you 

I’m loving this Moschino Bear Clutch and what a bargain at £84 !!

I also love these Versus Clutchs reduced to £133 . These are ideal if designer dresses are out of your price range. You can add these snazzy bags to a high street outfit and it will instantly look more expensive!!

CLICK TO SHOP BAGS!! (Search by designer or on the sale section)

Another of my fave designers of the minute is Dolce & Gabanna I found these beauties on my favourite website. I like this website as they sell the adult & child versions of lots of designers 

CLICK TO SHOP!! (Search by designer on the website).
If I bought the shirt I would buy high street shorts from Zara or H&M. I always find you get more for your wardrobe if you mix and match designer with high street! 


Mrs D

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